Todd Young Gets The Republican Establishment Nomination

Rep. Todd Young gets the Republican nomination in Indiana to represent the said state in the United States Senate. In earning the nomination against fellow Rep. Marlin Stutzman, it was eventually reported how certain groups that represented the establishment backed Young’s political action committee (PAC).

Todd Young’s political action committee is reportedly backed up by the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) and the Chamber of Commerce. The same report was cited when the SLF was linked to Mitch McConnell. While funds are normally used to keep Todd Young’s campaign running smoothly, much of the activity attributed to this PAC was allegedly used for attacking Rep. Marlin Stutzman. The rumors were fueled further by the silence of the known outside conservative groups.

Seeing Todd Young’s campaign go on the offensive may not be so surprising. This was the same tactic used the moment campaign ads started going viral online for using images of the incumbent president Barack Obama. Rep. Todd Young proved to be consistent the moment he delivered his victory speech last 3 May 2016. And he mentioned his Democrat rival, Baron Hill. “We’ve defeated Baron Hill before, we do it again.”

But when it came to Rep. Marlin Stutzman, Rep. Todd Young went lenient now that he has earned the nomination. So as much as giving him credit for well-fought battle. “We recognize how much we respect Marlin Stutzman. He didn’t let down until the last moment of the campaign. I think we should give him, his wife, Christy, and the entire Stutzman family a grateful round of applause.”

Now with the definitions of “Republican” and “Democrat” being challenged, Rep. Todd Young ran under the Republican banner based on the platform of “advancing conservative solutions”. In the same victory speech where he took a jab at his Democrat rival Baron Hill, he shared his background from which his conservative virtues were solidified. “I’m running because I learned a thing or two at the Naval Academy and the US Marines. Primarily I learned that the world is a dangerous place. But it only gets more dangerous if the United States of America turns our back on the world. You need a senator that understands that primary principle.”

Now some political analysts watching Rep. Todd Young’s victory speech may not be familiar with a local jargon he used in appealing to the locals – Hoosier conservative values. Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz himself tried to use this term to appeal to the Indiana voters in hopes of clinching the Indiana primary. But for Rep. Todd Young, it’s an effort to present himself as a legitimate hometown boy. And he attributes his Hoosier political values from his parents. Rep. Todd Young then mentioned his parents again to bare his political platform.

According to Rep. Todd Young, his parents “haven’t seen enough conservative results coming out of Washington DC”. It served as a transition for Rep. Todd Young to attack what he perceives as the short-comings of the government under the leadership of the Democrats. So there’s a part where he admitted how “My objectives haven’t changed. My mission haven’t changed.”

While he noted how Baron Hill used certain popular conservative terms to appeal to the electorate, Rep. Todd Young didn’t find them conservative enough. It’s not even close to what he noted as “Hoosier conservative principles”. And while he’s at it, he won’t on to criticize how Baron Hill supported liberal policies like Obama care. That’s when he claimed how Obama care “has reduced Hoosiers’ access to doctors they most want”.

Obama’s term is ending. But since he has become the face of the Democratic Party by default, establishment candidates like Rep. Todd Young have used his image to attack liberal policies on a national level. On whether the Hoosiers (American term for Indiana locals) would believe him or not has yet to be seen on November 2016.

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