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Criminal Justice Reform

It goes without say that the criminal justice system in America is in dire need of vital reformation. As a country, our infamous history pertaining racism and economic inequality has constantly dislodged most citizens from liberty and the humane feeling. We desire equity in treatment especially under the law. The kind of leadership this country desires is that one which will earnestly assess the rugged criminal justice system and introduce to us steps that ensures: (more…)

Education Reform

“Pick Progress believes that higher education should be made affordable, accessible and free for all US citizens who have the thirst for Education.”

In the late 1970’s, it was very possible to make extra cash to pay for a full year’s tuition fees by just attending to a summer job that paid just but a little wage. However, today, that may not be the case. It would ironically take a minimum wage worker almost a whole year to make enough to cover the annual in-state tuition fee at a public university. This is one common reason why so many young and bright able bodied minds don’t go to college, don’t finish college, or end up graduating deeply in debt. (more…)

Combating Climate Change

We all know that Climate Change is real despite the fact that many senior conservatives still refuse to accept this fact. 9 out of 10 scientists worldwide predict that if nothing is done adeptly, the planet earth is expected to heat up five to ten degrees by the end of the century. (more…)

LGBT Discrimination

There is a constant argument today; some citizens claim that government officials shouldn’t really be required to give marriage licenses to lesbian, gay couples- or that businesses can deny services (to include employment) to those same people. This is rather viewed as an act against freedom by others. (more…)

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