Negative Ads Against John Gregg

It only took 30 seconds to summarize points in one of the negative ads against John Gregg. From his history with Enron to the alleged deficit in his term as speaker, any point that can be considered a flaw in his gubernatorial campaign is highlighted for all viewers to see.

These 30-second minute ads were reported as funded by the Republican Governors Association (RGA). It was rooted from another report wherein RGA encountered conflicts in buying ad time from the incumbent Indiana governor Mike Pence. Noting the same report, it was mentioned how the campaign had trouble sustaining the cost of these ads. These allegedly negative ads against John Gregg were released on the first week of June.

On the other hand, Pence is clearing himself from the allegations of pushing for negative ads against John Gregg. While it was reported that the RGA’s Right Direction Political Action Committee (RD-PAC) was the particular committee behind the ads, Pence chose to clear his name from reports released online.

Reports even mentioned WRTV as one of the local television networks in Indiana where the negative ads against John Gregg are expected to be shown. It was consistent with other reports that noted June 6 release. It was a more precise description compared to leaked data that mentioned “first week of June.”

Other reports mentioned another local channel, WNDU in South Bend, Indiana, as the other channel where the negative ads against John Gregg are anticipated. One of the news outfits that traced these negative ads against John Gregg is The Journal Gazette. This was the journal that reported how RGA allegedly paid higher rates since such ads are classified as “non-candidate issue ad.”

In other words, they are ad placements that don’t endorse a particular candidate. Besides, these ads clearly show statements that go against a candidate with emphasis on issues involved.

If Jon Thompson’s words served as basis for these reports, then it was no longer surprising for the electorate to see negative ads against John Gregg. Thompson was the communications director for RGA who mentioned John Gregg’s flaws. “John Gregg has a long record of flip-flops.” He even used the phrase “failing to stand up to Washington” implying that the said candidate has priorities aside from the state of Indiana.

Thompson’s words was then re-examined the moment the 30-second ad was officially aired in the aforementioned local channels. In 30 seconds or less, one of these negative ads against John Gregg noted how massive was the deficit incurred in his term. The deficit itself was not mentioned. Instead, it mentioned how he turned “$2 billion state surplus into a massive deficit.”

Other issues that were cramped in the ad were his support for higher taxes while helping Enron achieve tax breaks. Enron was involved in an fraudulent accounting scheme about a decade ago, putting several jobs on the line and testing the accounting principles that were significantly used in US business firms.

As expected, the Democrats’ campaign denounced the negative ads against John Gregg. They replied on the issue of taxes albeit indirectly. John Gregg’s official campaign website replied each point mentioned in the 30-second ad with emphasis supplied on taxes. Quoting Brian Bosma in an interview with Governing Magazine, “Lawmakers put aside personal and political agendas to pass a needed tax and budget bill.” This quote implied how Gregg got to work with fellow legislators from a different political party. Gregg was then credited alongside Bosma for passing an important bill espoused to modernize what they called “a badly outmoded tax code.”

Gregg’s campaign website statement admitted how the bill was not that perfect but way better than previous versions intended to address Indiana’s serious economic issues. They even used the word “hostile” in describing the current business environment in the Hoosier state. While no data or percentages were mentioned regarding tax breaks, incentives or credits, the bill that Gregg supported is expected to avoid threatening budget cuts in essential governmental services.

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