Bernie Sanders Winning… But Not Getting Coverage

After Bernie Sanders swept several primaries on the road to the White House, some supporters claim that the mainstream media doesn’t report his victory as often as that of any primary victory that Hillary Clinton gets to win. It reached a fever pitch once a discussion with a Bernie supporter and a Hillary supporter was aired this week on CNN.

But first, what happened in the Indiana primary? Bernie Sanders won in the Democratic primary. Mainstream news channels like CNN try to at least make it look like they are fair by airing Bernie Sanders’ speech after winning the Indiana primary. Then that’s it. Carol Costello still has her job at CNN inviting some vocal supporters of Bernie Sanders for an interview. So maybe, it’s not really true that mainstream media is not reporting about his campaign enough. It’s just that if they do, they had to do it while mentioning Hillary Clinton too.

Sometimes you end up feeling bad for a talk show host like Carol Costello. Then again, that’s what usually happens when a pundit blurs the line between news that is actually happening as opposed to the kind of news that they would rather wish to report or discuss. You can’t help but think of it in that context the moment she referred to Bernie Sanders as “not a real Democrat”. When a journalist end up jumping to conclusions in the guise of asking questions, you realize how corporate America has reached a level of alarming.

This is where alternative news media outlets found the opportunity to deliver the news. At first it seems like an effort to present the flaws of certain mainstream media news personalities. Like how do they handle information exchanged with a person that they are interviewing? Then some news media outlets go the extra mile and go to where the action really is. With smartphones becoming the norm, it also served as an opportunity to just show what’s happening. No opinionated talk. No commentary. Just clips of Bernie Sanders’s supporters lined up to watch him talk.

How do the supporters of Bernie Sanders measure the number of people that formed a crowd? The locals should have tipped them off of the estimated capacity that a certain stadium can host. If it goes beyond capacity, it will show on the photos. Or selfies. You’d be surprised at how this selfie thing has been used to dispel some articles and news bites about the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Because it’s one thing to be told that the Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a thing of the past. And it’s another thing to be there yourself and get immersed in the crowd that some news articles denied of ever existing.

What made the supporters of Bernie Sanders utilize social media to the best capacity that their smartphones can handle? The other news media outlet that covered the Bernie Sanders rally at Sacramento was KCRA-3. It showed a sparsely-filled football stadium with the sun still up shining on the attendees. This was a stark contrast to the Twitpics that the supporters uploaded to show how big the crowd was at Sacramento.

Now why did KCRA-3 cover the event? #BernieInSacramento trended on Twitter. Mainstream media may not always be taking Twitter seriously. But they still need the eyeballs for their website. And why use a photo of a sparsely-filled stadium compared to soliciting images from Bernie Sanders supporters themselves? Some news viewers have started asking if KCRA-3 was part of the mainstream media due to its affiliation with renowned network, NBC.

With hashtags like #BernieInSacramento, #FeelTheBern and, perhaps their loudest hashtag ever, #BernieOrBust, mainstream media will soon take Bernie Sanders seriously before they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

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