How Bernie Got His Groove Back

US Presidential Nominee, Bernie Sanders, pulled out a shock stunt in tying Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus polls. However, its notable that Sanders effectively got a huge percentage of the votes cast by the youth-. According to CNN news, poll results revealed that Sanders amassed a whopping 84% of the 17-29 age category. Hillary, on the other end won the hearts of the elderly unlike her witty rival.

How this came about turns out to be such an interesting tale to tell if you totally missed out in the action; One blockbuster idea Sanders effectively employed on the eve of the Iowa Caucus was simply amazing; He rolled out a campaign ad putting to use Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” song as the soundtrack! What a move! Honestly speaking, this choice of song was simply magical in capturing the attention of the citizens.

Am not usually a very emotional guy but I must personally testify to really being moved deep inside by just the song itself. I couldn’t stop the tears that stung my eyes from rolling down. Really, who did not fall for that uplifting sentimental clap-trap? Demi Lovato and Katy Perry soundtracks am afraid this time may not have had the same impact as Clinton hoped it would.

Moving on, isn’t the guy just idealistic? I mean if you listen to Sanders ideas, then you will definitely love him. The moment he mentioned free college tuition and refinancing debt at far much lower rates, the crowd went jubilant. His multiple messages were simple to comprehend and are exactly what the youths would love to hear. Besides, his message of income quality also added some aroma to his campaign strategies.

Sanders may not be anything like Obama, nevertheless, his speeches, which are often channelled towards a populist message, are always laced with such an interesting level of humour- not too much to be mistaken for a comedian, neither too little to be that boring guy, just enough for the crowd to synthesise. For instance whenever he mentions a few personal details, like his wife and his sons… Let’s not even go there.

IAs CBN news reported yesterday; in one occasion at Georgetown University, Sanders bravely said that “almost everything” that President Franklin D. Roosevelt had initially proposed was “called socialist.” Amazingly, Sanders is undoubtedly correct.It is true that the FDR’s New Deal programs, had saved the country a great deal, especially from desperation and ruin. His exact words were “… have become the fabric of our nation and the foundation of the middle class…and the bane of the conservative Republicans running for president today”.

Last but not least, Sanders “de-campaigned” Hilton on the youth’s votes in such a prudent yet valid prospect; for instance there’s that part he says that in comparison of his campaigns and Clinton’s, he feels the latter enjoys the company of great people around her, though he feels the magic, the life, entertainment and energy lies nowhere else but in his campaigns. The audience Sanders targets is often crystal. One can clearly notice that he is targeting some of the same organizational and messaging tactics that led to Barack Obama’s win over Clinton in the Iowa caucuses back in 2008. Sanders at the same time is a cheeky guy who secretly but cleverly knows how to relate other people’s ideas to his. His slogan of “A Future To Believe In” is in fact a correlation of President Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In.” In short he is trying to say he will pick up from where the president will leave. Such a tactical guy he is.

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